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Celsius Health is a new digital health company, on a mission to revolutionise the use of thermal imaging in healthcare.

Celsius Health is unlocking a new area of opportunity for medical imaging diagnostics by making the use of precise thermal datasets fast and simple, and by combining the accuracy of medical thermometers with the power of thermal imaging. Ultimately, Celsius Health aims to save lives.

Celsius Health’s first clinically proven application is in the prevention of foot ulcers in diabetic patients. This could prevent 170 amputations a week in England alone, improve patient quality of life, reduce mortality rates and save multi-millions of pounds in health and social care costs.

As the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, we are finding new ways to realise the impact from our science and technology. As a spin-out from NPL, Celsius Health has exclusive access to years of NPL’s world-leading research and metrology in thermal imaging and temperature measurement.

Celsius Health and NPL are together seeking a CEO for Celsius Health to guide it through investment and launch and to realise its full potential.

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NPL Insights

Improving quality of life and life expectancy in diabetes.

Diabetes UK: Feet first Campaign

Diabetes UK has launched its latest Putting Feet First campaign focused on helping people with diabetes look after their feet and highlight that unhealed ulcers are a leading cause of amputations.

Daily Mail: Camera that stops diabetes patients from losing a foot

New device that checks for ‘hot spots’ could spot dangerous ulcers before they develop.

Clinical research: Reliability of a novel thermal imaging system for temperature assessment of healthy feet

The official journal of the UK College of Podiatry has published a ground-breaking study. The study highlights the accuracy of the thermal imaging system in podiatry applications

Reuters: Heat-map device reveals warning signs of diabetic ulcers

A foot-temperature monitoring device could help to detect when diabetic patients are developing foot ulcers, a common complication that can lead to infections and amputations.

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