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Improving quality of life and life expectancy in diabetes.

Diabetes UK: Feet first Campaign

Diabetes UK has launched its latest Putting Feet First campaign focused on helping people with diabetes look after their feet and highlight that unhealed ulcers are a leading cause of amputations.

Daily Mail: Camera that stops diabetes patients from losing a foot

New device that checks for ‘hot spots’ could spot dangerous ulcers before they develop.

Clinical research: Reliability of a novel thermal imaging system for temperature assessment of healthy feet

The official journal of the UK College of Podiatry has published a ground-breaking study. The study highlights the accuracy of the thermal imaging system in podiatry applications

Reuters: Heat-map device reveals warning signs of diabetic ulcers

A foot-temperature monitoring device could help to detect when diabetic patients are developing foot ulcers, a common complication that can lead to infections and amputations.

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